Mise à jour du 2 mai 2017 : 5.2.1 !

samedi 29 avril 2017
par  Dark Funifuteur
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[MàJ]23h59 : serveurs enfin en ligne !

[MàJ] 22h46 Des infos :

Ouah, quelle journée à essayer de rendre le jeu accessible à tout le monde ! Comme vous le savez déjà, la maintenance d’aujourd’hui ne s’est pas passée comme planifiée. Aussi, j’ai estimé qu’il était important d’intervenir et de discuter ce qui s’est produit et ce de qui se passe.

D’abord, pendant notre étape de validation initiale ce matin, les utilisateurs de BitRaider pour la mise à jour du client SWTOR ont rapidement découvert qu’en réalité rien ne se téléchargeait. Ceci a retardé le retour des serveurs d’une heure.

Deuxièmement, alors que nous étions prêts à vérifier que tout marchait correctement, nous avons constaté que nous ne pouvions pas nous connecter au jeu et nous recevions un message disant que le serveur de connexion était indisponible. Malheureusement, ceci était un problème du Datacenter, empêchant l’accès à plus que seulement SWTOR. Ça a pris du temps pour identifier ce qui causait le problème, donc ils n’ont pas pu nous fournir un horaire de retour des services.

Troisièmement, nous avons maintenant l’accès au jeu et tout le monde devrait pouvoir patcher son client, mais nous avons toujours des problèmes de connexion avec les services des bases de données. De nouveau, nous n’avons pas d’estimation d’horaire de retour et de résolution complète, pour l’instant.

Je vous fais de sincères excuses pour tous les retards d’aujourd’hui. J’ai déjà eu des discussions avec toutes les équipes impliquées et cela reste mon but personnel de terminer n’importe quelle maintenance SWTOR au plus tôt ; de ne pas être retardé comme ce qui est arrivé aujourd’hui.

Merci de votre compréhension et de votre patience aujourd’hui !

En anglais :

Wow, what a day trying to get everyone back in the game ! As you already know, maintenance today has not gone as planned. So, I felt it was important to jump in and discuss what’s transpired and what’s going on.

First, during our initial validation steps this morning, anyone using BitRaider to update the SWTOR client quickly discovered nothing was actually downloaded. This delayed the opening by about an hour.

Second, as soon as we were ready to verify everything was working properly (around 11:30am CT), we found we couldn’t connect to the game and were receiving a Login Server is unavailable message. Unfortunately, this was a Datacenter wide issue, preventing access to more than just SWTOR. It took a while to identify what was causing the issue, so they were unable to provide all of us with an ETA.

Third, we now have access to the game, and everyone should be able to patch their clients, but we are still having connection issues with the back-end services. Again, we don’t have an ETA on full resolution, yet.

I sincerely apologize for all the delays today. I’ve already had discussions with all the teams involved and it remains my personal goal to have any SWTOR maintenance complete early ; not be delayed like what happened today.

Thanks for your understanding and patience with us today !

Pas d’heure de retour des serveurs indiquée...

[MàJ] 20h26 : le lanceur ne se connecte plus !

[MàJ] 20h03 : le lanceur se connecte !

[MàJ] Extension d’une heure suite à des problèmes de téléchargement chez une partie des joueurs :

Nous avons un problème actuellement faisant que des joueurs ne reçoivent pas le patch comme ils le devraient. Nous travaillons à le corriger dès que possible, mais ça implique que nous devons prolonger la maintenance pour résoudre ce problème. Actuellement nous prolongeons la maintenance d’une heure. Nouveau temps de fin ciblé de 19h.
Je transmettrai des mises à jour quand je les aurais, merci pour votre patience tout le monde

En anglais :

We have an issue currently where players are not receiving the patch as they should. We are working to address it ASAP, but it means we will need to extend maintenance to resolve the issue. Currently we are extending maintenance by 1 hour. New targeted end time of 10AM PDT.

I will pass on updates as I have them, thank you for your patience everyone.


Une mise à jour annoncée pour le mardi 2 mai 2017 :

Les serveurs seront hors ligne le 2 mai afin de mettre en place la mise à jour 5.2.1. Le site web sera indisponible durant cette période.

Détails :
DATE : 2 mai 2017
HEURE : 14h00 (heure de Paris) à 18h00 (heure de Paris)
VERSION : 5.2.1

En anglais :

We will be taking the servers offline on Tuesday, May 2nd in order to apply Game Update 5.2.1. The website will also be unavailable during this time.

Details :
DATE : 2 May 2017
TIME : 5:00AM - 9:00AM PDT (1200 - 1600 GMT)
VERSION : 5.2.1

Les notes arriveront lundi 1er mai, du correctif de bugs en perspective.

Les notes de mises à jour en anglais en attendant la traduction (je les laisse faire cette fois).

Game Update 5.2.1
-May the 4th – In honor of May the 4th, log in between May 2nd and May 8th to earn your very own M4-Y6 Astromech mini-pet. The Double XP event will also run from May 4th to May 14th !

-Corrected an error in the tooltip for free-2-play players’ chat restrictions.
-Command Experience flytext has been changed to gold to differentiate it from Character Experience points.
-GSI Satellite Support Terminals are once again active on Makeb.
-The correct Faction tooltip will now display regardless of what area a player is in on Iokath.
-An Achievement has been added for completing the “Subverting the Tower Droid” Mission on Iokath.

Classes +Combat
-The players’ temporary ability bar will no longer disappear after exiting an alternate form (Iokath Walker, etc.) if it should remain, such as if Heroic Moment is active.
-Heroic Moment expiring while in an alternate form will no longer prevent a player from interacting with terminals on Iokath.
-Extrication and Rescue are no longer usable on allies who are in a Mounted Turret on Iokath.
-The Overcharged Cannon ability for the Assault Walker now gains increased damage from Charge Weapon stacks as intended.
-Corrected various missing tooltips for alternate forms on Iokath.

-Using Expunge while the player has the Galvanizing Cleanse Utility will now cause your next ability with an activation time to activate instantly as intended.

-A white visual effect no longer appears at the feet of Operatives who use Backstab from stealth.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings
-Veteran and Master Flashpoints will now drop loot for players level 51-64.

Battle of Rishi
-Bolster now properly applies for Veteran and Master Mode Battle of Rishi.

Gods From the Machine
-The lockout timer for defeating Tyth is now set to reset on Tuesday with all other lockout timers. This change was made prior to Update 5.2.1 but it is finalized in this Update.
-Tyth now drops crafting materials.
-After his impressive entrance cinematic, Tyth has decided to actually wield his weapon.
-Even though he is a god, Tyth’s entrance cinematic will no longer play after he has been defeated.

Items + Economy
-The following items will now activate properly in Collections :
-Ordtech F7 Blaster
-Ordtech F7 Blaster Rifle
-The Hyrotii YH-99’s art has been updated to match its icon and Collection art as intended.
-The GEMINI MK-5 Unassembled Bracers have been added to the Tier 4 vendor for Shield Specialist Vanguards.
-The maximum number of Galactic Alliance Statue decorations has been increased to 10, up from 1.
-New item : Legendary Iokath Shard Cluster – This consumable is dropped from some Daily Missions on Iokath. This Shard Cluster is Bind on Pickup and will award more Shards than the Artifact Iokath Shard Cluster.
-Players on Iokath can now interact with Vendors while they are in other forms, such as the Iokath Monitor and Mouse Droid.
-The Tusken Partition Stronghold Decoration is now set to a decoration hook, instead of a floor covering hook.

Missions + NPCs
-The camera man during the opening Imperial Agent cinematic has gained a much steadier hand and will no longer sporadically spin the camera in certain situations.
-L3-V5 has been reprogrammed so that when a player asks for the [Veteran] Mode Directive 7 Mission, they will no longer receive the [Story] Mode Mission.
-Even though they thought it was “really cool,” NPCs during the Fortify the Defenses Mission on Iokath will no longer have numbers in their name.
-Defeating the Scour Swarm Coordinator will now always progress the Forgotten World Mission, even if the player dies before killing all of the Purifier Drones.
-Iokath Daily Missions have had their Command Experience (CXP) rewards increased and they will also now reward consumable CXP Packs.
-Iokath Sentinel, Walker, and Mouse Droid Daily Missions have had a Credit Boom or Credit Explosion and Iokath Shard Clusters added to their Mission rewards.
-While on Iokath, players in an Operation group will now receive Mission progress even if they are in a different sub-group than the party leader.